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4-7-2022, 15:43 UTC
Radio Prague Competition 2006

Results of the Radio Prague Competition:

Hundreds of Radio Prague listeners took part in the competition. We were asking you to identify three sounds from our archive.

It was very difficult to decide but the winner has finally been chosen - it is

Dimitriy Balykin from Russia

You can read his letter as well as the runners-up on this page. The prize for the winner is a week-long trip for two in the Czech Republic. The runners-up will receive Radio Prague souvenirs.

The winner and a friend or partner will be accommodated in family style in the heart of Prague, at the hotel Falkensteiner Maria Prag, while your voyage will be courtesy of Student Agency.

Dimitriy Balykin from Russia

1. When I heard the first sound, I immediately remembered my visit to the Czech capital.At the end of March I had an unexpected phone call from my boss, who told me I should get a passport as soon as possible, as I would be going to Prague in May. Because I'd never been abroad before, I virtually ran all the way to the passport office. Luckily all went fairly smoothly and on 18th May I arrived in Prague. I came as a member of a Russian delegation, taking part in a conference on the problems of integrating the mentally ill into society...

to be continued here


Alon Raab, Oregon, USA

Brian Kendall, UK

Roger Chambers, NY, USA

Tony Nuttall, UK

Mary Lou Krenek, Texas, USA

Jonathan Murphy, Ireland

Roy Kitson, UK

Donald Schumann, Colorado, USA

Christopher Brooks, Minnesota, USA

Kristina Fallin, Illinois, USA

Many thanks to all of you who took part.

Radio Prague

Odpovìdi na¹ich posluchaèù

Falkensteiner Maria Prag

Falkensteiner Maria Prag

Falkensteiner Maria Prag