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Party profiles

On the basis of polls it looks fairly unlikely that any of the following parties will cross the 5% threshold enabling them to enter parliament after the June 2002 election.

Civic Democratic Alliance - ODA

ODA Between 1992 and 1997 this was one of the parties of government. It failed to win the 5% of votes needed to enter parliament in June1998. Afterwards the party joined the right of centre oppostion grouping, the Four Coalition (see above), but a row over the ODA's considerable debts led to the break up of the coalition at the end of last year, leaving the party in the political wilderness.


Republicans of Miroslav Sladek

Republicans of Miroslav Sladek This is a far right-wing party, appealing to nationalist sympathies. The party emerged from ashes of the Republican Party of Czechoslovakia, which failed to cross the 5% parliamentary threshold in the 1998 election. The new name of the party reflects an attempt at a political comeback by its controversial leader Miroslav Sladek. With its vehemently anti-Romany and anti-German rhetoric, the party can be described as extremist. The party is anti-NATO, anti-EU and strongly opposed to immigration.


Czech National Social Party - CSNS

CSNS This is one of the oldest parties, going back over a hundred years, but has failed to win mass support in the Czech Republic in recent years. It styles itself as a party of Czech national interests. The party's rhetoric is often at its strongest in criticizing illegal immigration, which it sees as one of the main sources of organized crime. The party is investing large sums of money into its election campaign, having recently sold its headquarters in central Prague.


The Party for Security in Life - SZJ

SZJ The party is the successor of the party "Pensioners for Security in Life", which gained just over 3% of the vote in the last parliamentary elections, when the party leader kept his promise to eat a beetle if the party failed to break the 5% barrier. The party aspires to represent the weaker in society: pensioners, unemployed people, disabled people, rural voters and women who feel disadvantaged. It has a socially based programme, based on a strong welfare state.


The Green Party - Strana Zelenych

Logo Strany zelených In terms of electoral support the Greens have never really got off the ground in the Czech Republic. The party is strongly opposed to nuclear power, which is one of its key electoral issues. The Greens' pre-election manifesto also calls for policies to "reduce the rate of divorce, abortion and other undesirable phenomena."


The Path for Change - Cesta zmeny
Hope - Nadeje
These two parties have common roots in the wave of public disillusionment with the current political elite that came at the end of the 1990s. However their founders quarreled and went their separate ways. Both are close to the centre of the political spectrum, pro-free market and strongly pro-European, and both accuse the two strongest political parties, the Social Democrats and the Civic Democrats of corruption and cynicism. The Path for Change is headed by the businessman Jiri Lobkowicz, and the driving force of Hope is one of the student leaders during the Velvet Revolution, Monika Pajerova.

Website of The Path for Change:

Website of Hope:

The Path for Change

Other parties standing in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies

Action to Abolish the Senate and against the Asset-Stripping of Pension Funds
The Balbin Poetic Party
The Czech Right
The Czech Social Democratic Movement
The Czechoslovak Socialist Party
The Democratic League
The Humanist Alliance
The Moravian Democratic Party
The National Democratic Party
New Movement
The Right Bloc
The Republicans
The Roma Civic Initiative
The Association of Independents
The Party of Democratic Socialism
The Party of the Countryside - Combined Civic Forces
The Party for Security in Life
The Common Sense Party
Choice for the Future

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