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1-12-2020, 12:39 UTC
Photo Tour of Czech Republic - Castles


The ruins of the Okor Castle are located to the north west of Prague, just outside the city. The Zakolansky brook below the castle used to flow through a fishpond, which is now drained. There is a former fortification above the brook close to the castle. Okor Castle consists of two parts: the older part from the 13th century was enlarged when the newer part was built in the 15th century by the Lords of Donin. The first, second and third gate are now severely damaged. There was a chapel in the tower. Stables and servants? accommodation were located next to it. This is the story of how the castle came to be built: the knight Okor was an advisor to Lord Oldrich. However he dreamed of life in the country free of his lord's services. He asked Oldrich to release him many times, but Oldrich relied on Okor and did not want to lose him. Soon after Oldrich died, Okor moved to his farm close to Kopanina village. He wanted to spend his life in the quite countryside. Despite his dreams he often had to deal with aggressive hordes of robbers. Okor's farm was right in the middle of an area swarming with bandits and because it was poorly fortified, was robbed many times. This is why Okor decided to found a new castle on a small hill close to the brook and the Dolsky mill. After the castle was finished he hired 150 new loyal and brave warriors, who enjoyed many victories in fights with the bandits, who retreated to the woods. Okor Castle is situated in a shallow dip close to Prague. Surrounded by just a few houses it is a very calm place to spend a nice and pleasant day. There is a small restaurant right next to the entrance to the castle. You should not miss the renovated mill building behind the castle. After visiting the castle, you can take a very nice walk on from the castle, around the mill and further on. This pathway will lead you into a shallow valley scattered with romantic cottages.