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1-12-2020, 12:03 UTC
How to listen to Radio Prague
  Anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night you can tune in to Radio Prague in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian or Czech. We broadcast on shortwave, via satellite and cable, through the Internet and in some places even on FM. See below for details of when you can hear us, what you can hear, and how you can tune in to Radio Prague.

Tuning in:
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What you can hear when:
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Broadcast Schedule

Radio Prague is here to offer you a broad picture of the Czech Republic. Our broadcasts include the very latest news, current affairs analysis as well as features covering economic news, sport, the arts, history, music, the regions, and the latest social trends in the Czech Republic. Click for the latest programme schedule:
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Satellite and Cable

Thanks to World Radio Network (WRN) Radio Prague can be heard in many parts of the world via satellite. If you have a satellite dish at home it is very likely that you can hear us through your television set in perfect audio quality. In many cities we can also be heard via cable. See our frequency schedule for details. You can find further information at

Details of all broadcasts via World Radio Network (PDF file)


The traditional way to listen to Radio Prague is on shortwave. You can hear us in many parts of the world, and all you need is an ordinary radio that includes shortwave. This is still the most widespread way of listening to international radio stations, including Radio Prague.

What is shortwave?

Radio Prague on FM

From the 1st March 2004 you can once again listen to our English broadcasts here in the Czech Republic.

Monday-Thursday: 19:07 to 19:22 on:

on Czech Radio's local stations Regina and Region.


You can listen to Radio Prague's broadcasts on the Internet using Real Audio or MP3 technology.
* Tune in to our programmes live as broadcast. See our frequency schedule for the times of our broadcasts in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time - also known as Greenwich Mean Time).
* Using MP3 you can also tune in to our latest broadcasts in any of Radio Prague's five languages whenever you want on demand.

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FM in North America

Courtesy of WRN you can hear some of Radio Prague's broadcasts overnight on numerous NPR affiliated stations in the United States. See for further details.