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1-12-2020, 12:33 UTC
Photo Tour of Czech - Castles

This royal castle was founded in the mid-13th century on the border of the field of influence of the Premyslid rulers and the South Bohemina Vitkovicz magnates. During the 15th and 16th centuries direct royal administration ended and it was pledged to a succession of Czech lords, including the Pernstejns among the most important of them. Vilem of Pernstejn laid the foundations for commercial fishing in Sough Bohemia. One of the fishing lakes that he had dug was the nearby Bezdrev Pond. In the 16th century Hluboka was in the ownership of the lords of Hared. In 1581 Baltazar Maio da Ronio rebuilt the castle for Adam Hradec, converting it into a Renaissance chateau. During the Thirty Years War Hluboka was the seat of the imperial general don Baltazar de Marradas, who surrounded it with and extensive fortification system. In 1661 the Hluboka property was purchased by the Schwarzenbergs, who had the chateau rebuilt in Baroque style (by Pavel I. Bayer in 1707-1721, and Antonio E. Martinelli in 1721-1728). However, the castle was to be rebuilt once again. After the Schwarzenbergs moved their main seat from Cesky Krumlov, it was completely remodeled from 1841 to 1871, to designs by Frantisek Beer with the participation of F. D. Deworetzky and others. The exterior is in the strictly romantic Neo-Gothic style, while the interiors are more broadly historicist. This was the result of shifting tastes, as interest increased in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, as well as with an endeavor to display the family collections of furniture, paintings, arms and tapestries.