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26-11-2020, 13:41 UTC
Photo Tour of the Czech Republic - Towns
Uherske Hradiste

Uherské Hradiště
Uherske Hradiste stands for Moravian Slovakia, a racy region with image composed of typical folklore, dulcimer music, good wine, beautiful national costumes and lively folk traditions. Tourist's attractions include the memorable castle of Velehrad, the chateau of Buchlovice, the Buchlov Castle, all of these quite close to the town, and the town's own sights. Founded in 1257 by Premysl Otakar II., Uherske Hradiste was a defence fortress against Hungarian raids. But numerous archaeological finds testify to much older settlements. The place had been one of Great Moravia's important centres as shown by archaeological exhibitions of the Great Moravian Memorial at Stare Mesto (foundation of a church and cemetery plus foundations of another church dating back to the third quarter of the 9th century at Valy) and at Sady (remainders of a temple complex.) There are many interesting architectural sights in the town itself, like the remainders of the 15th century town walls with the Mattthew's Gate, a late-17th century baroque fountain, and many burgher houses. The highest value of all has been assigned to the late-Gothic 15th century town hall; the Plague Post erected in the middle of the Vigin Mary Square in 1721; the Franciscan Monastery with a refectory from 1490; the Jesuit Church and college from 1643; and the 14th century St Elisabeth's Hospital Chapel. The new Town Hall was built in 1891-93 and is adorned with Joza Uprka's frescos in the ceremonial hall which depict the founding of the town by Premysl Otakar II. and the confirmation of privileges by King George of Podebrady. Serving as Gallery of the Slovacke Museum, the old baroque armoury arsenal is unique.

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