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26-11-2020, 13:37 UTC
Photo Tour of the Czech Republic - Towns

In the 13th century, the marshy area near the river Luznice witnessed the rise of a market settlement. Later, a town was founded in its place, reaching the zenith of its growth in the 16th century, during the reign of the last Rosenbergs. At that time, the marshy area was gradually transformed and many lakes and fish ponds were built here. The town fortifications, preserved together with five gates and a few bastions, were protected by so-called Golden Canal and the lake Svet in the south. The Renaissance chateau, connected by a long corridor with the Rosenberg library and the complex of the Augustinian Monastery, is a significant architectural sight. The monastery complex includes a unique two-nave Church of St. Giles. The tower of the Early Baroque Town Hall is another dominant of the town. The town centre features a large complex of burghers' houses of various architectural styles. These days Trebon is popular as a spa town; it is also known as a centre of fish farming and for the excellent Regent beer. Trebon and its environs, a biospherep reserve, has been included in the UNESCO list.

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