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1-12-2020, 12:20 UTC
Photo Tour of the Czech Republic
Sumava II

Javornik - a forested mountain (1089 m) with an observation tower. It is situated north of Stachy. The Javornik recreation centre lies below the mountain. A small, picturesque chapel stands on the slope of Javornik and on its northern side there is a "sea" of stones. The slope of the mountain above the village is a sought-after place for ski schools due to the moderate slope with a piste and the village is a well-known winter holiday centre. On the top there is an observation tower named after the writer Karel Klostermann. It was built in 1938 and a new higher part was added in 2003. There are beautiful views of the mountains and a fine view from the top. A small chapel with a circular plan stands above the village near the ski-slope. It originates from 1939. It is an interesting fact, that the borderline of the former wartime Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia led was the top of Javornik. This mountain was the highest peak in Bohemia at that time after the borderland called the Sudetenland was annexed by Germany in 1939.
Chalupska slat (fen) - The protected area Chalupska slat is situated in the area between the villages Borova Lada and Novy Svet about 13 km south-west of the town Vimperk. A short nature trail leads there. The large peat-bog is eroded by previous peat mining. It is now protected. The bog-lake, which is among the largest lakes of this type (1.3 ha), forms part of the reserve. The nature trail was founded in 1974 and it is about 250 m long. It leads mostly on duckboards and ends on a platform above the bog-lake.
Jezerni slat - The large peat-bog Jezerni slat (Lake Fen - 103 ha) lies on the boundary between South Bohemia and West Bohemia and borderline between the river basins of the Vltava and Otava rivers near the small village of Kvilda.

The path of Karel Klostermann
The chapel of Antonin Paduansky The chapel of Antonin Paduansky Karel Klostermann's observation tower Sanatorium in Javornik
Cottage under Javornik hill Cottage under Javornik hill Chalupska fen
Chalupska fen Chalupska fen Jezerni fen