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1-12-2020, 12:41 UTC
Photo Tour of the Czech Republic

Orlicke Mountains

The Orlicke Mountains are an area about hundred and fifty kilometers north-east of Prague on the border with Poland. It is an area that has many attractions to offer: the beautiful and undisturbed countryside is ideal for hiking, horse-riding, cycling, as well as skiing in winter. The towns in the region offer a wide range of museums and cultural events. For example: the oldest film festival in the Czech Republic. You can also visit many historic sites such as a chain of military fortifications from the 1930s, which are open to the public. The area of the Orlicke Mountains also includes several interesting castles.

Ricky in Orlicke Mountains
Destne in Orlicke Mountains Kunstat's Chapel Masaryk's chalet
Czech-Polish border Anti-tank barrier Infantry blockhouse
Bunker Anti-tank barrier Fortress Hanicka
Fortress Hanicka Bunker Bunker