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1-12-2020, 12:45 UTC
Photo Tour of the Czech Republic

Krusne Mountains

Krusne Mountains are the longest mountain range in Bohemia (130 km). Extensive forest cover with abundant peat bogs on the upper parts gives a special, rather gloomy character to the whole area.The country side offers a number of opportunities for downhill and cross-country skiing fans. The hills and ridges of Krusne Mountains are mostly covered with coniferous woods and mountain meadows, while the top peat bogs are covered with marsh pines. The natural spruce woods have been much damaged by emissions from the coal basins in the foothills, but much is now being done to restore them. There are several wildlife reserves in this area, e.g. Domaslavice Valley, Jezerka (special rocks, moufflons), Bozi Dar Peatbog (mountain "Spicak" - the highest basalt hill in Europe, 1 115 m - is a part of this area), Novy Dvur Peatbog, the lakes Velke and Male jerabi jezero, the Peatbog Soos and others. From the spa centre in Jachymov the visitor can walk to the bottom station of the cableway which will take him to Klinovec, the highest mountain in the Krusne Mountains. Klinovec offers a wide range of downhill ski runs for beginners and skilled athletes alike-; it is also the starting point for cross-country ski routes. Several ski centres have developed within the mountain range. In particular the best-equipped area is Klinovec-Bozi Dar with Jachymov in the west.

Bozi Dar Bozi Dar Spicak hill
Church in Bozi Dar Museum in Horni Blatna Church in Bozi Dar
Klinovec Klinovec Klinovec
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