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1-12-2020, 12:48 UTC
Photo Tour of the Czech Republic
Grandmother's Valley

Grandmother's Valley is closely connected with Czech literature. It is a small area in East Bohemia where the 19th-century Czech writer Bozena Nemcova lived as a child and where her best-known novel "Babicka" or "Grandmother" was set. The valley includes not only a series of historic buildings such as Ratiborice Castle, the Old Bleaching-ground, the Water Mill, the Mangle, the Seigneurial Inn but also "The Grandmother" sculptural group by O. Gutfreund nestled in a pleasant and peaceful landscape having a unique and calm atmosphere. The castle in Ratiborice is known mainly thanks to the famous Czech literary work 'Babicka' (Grandmother) that is set around the castle. The Baroque castle with Empire style adaptations was the property of the countess Zahanska. The park is surrounded by a park.

The Grandmother's Valley 'The Grandmother' sculptural group by O. Gutfreund The Old Bleaching-ground
The Old Bleaching-ground The Old Bleaching-ground The Viktorka's weir
Havlovice The Ludra's mill The Ludra's mill
Ryzmburk pavillon The Ryzmburk pavillon - well Ratiborice Castle