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25-9-2021, 05:59 UTC
Christmas Competition

Christmas Competition results

Jakub jan Ryba Thank you for taking part in Radio Prague’s Christmas Competition. We received altogether 670 competition entries.

The name of the mystery person hidden in the puzzle was Jakub Jan Ryba.

Jakub Jan Ryba is the author of the well-known Czech Christmas Mass, a piece of music that is part of the Czech Christmas tradition. He was born on October 26, in 1765 and as the son of a schoolteacher received a sound education. By the age of five he was performing piano sonatas. He was sent to study in Prague where he learnt to play the organ and started composing pastoral music. At his father’s behest Jakub Jan became a teacher and accepted a position in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem where he spent most of his life and where he composed some of his best-known works, among them the mentioned Christmas Mass but also concerts for the violin and violoncello. You can find more on Jakub Jan Ryba at: en/article/61606

A small selection from Jakub Jan Ryba’s famous Christmas Mass is here (mp3).

The winners of the Christmas Competition are:

Jaroslav Jedrzejczak, Poland
Freddy De Groote, Belgium
Brian Kendall, England
Barbara Ziemba, USA
Michael Harrison, Ireland
Piotr Borski, Poland
Antonia Intini, Italy
Constantin Liviu Viorel, Romania
Howard Tuffrey, England
Gina Cenkl, USA

The winners will be awarded a CD with Jakub Jan Ryba’s Christmas Mass or a CD with traditional Czech Christmas carols sung by Radio Prague staff as well as other small gifts.

Radio Prague’s Christmas Competition

Rules: To take part in Radio Prague’s Christmas Competition fill in our Christmas crossword puzzle. The mystery phrase it contains is the name of a prominent Czech artist whose best-known work is closely related to Christmas. If you have difficulties filling in the crossword puzzle check out Radio Prague’s Christmas pages which contain all the answers.

Please send the completed crossword puzzle to Radio Prague by the end of December by using the window below the puzzle.
Ten winners will be awarded a CD with Czech Christmas music and other small gifts.

1 - Who brings the presents on Christmas Eve in the Czech Republic?

2 - The best-known painter of Czech Christmas scenes.

3 - January 6 is the day of Epiphany or ...

4 - A common type of Christmas tree.

5 - The place where Jesus was born.

6 - Its ringing is a merry sound (usually found in plural)

7 - The christmas songs are called ...

8 - One of the oldest kinds of Christmas pastry.

9 - December 4 is dedicated to....

10 - Jesus, Mary, Josef and the three wise men are often depicted in a ......

11 - A savoury pastry often decorated with icing.

12 - Christmas dinner without this kind of fish is unthinkable for most Czech families.