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1-12-2020, 12:24 UTC
Photo Tour of Czech Republic - Castles


Bezdez is a mighty Gothic castle located on a hilltop (638 m) in the north of Bohemia near the town Doksy. The castle built in a single style dates back to the 13th century. It is dominated by the main cylindrical tower, the palace and the chapel. The chapel is the most valuable part of the castle and is an outstanding example of Burgundian Cistercian Gothic. Of later adaptations by Albrecht of Wallenstein only a few bastions have been preserved. Nowadays the ruin bears witness to the castle?s original importance. It was founded in the second half of the 13th century by Premysl Otakar II. Its construction started after the year 1260 and was completed by 1278. In 1300 the king gave Bezdez to the Lords of Duba as thanks for their help in the war against Poland. Bezdez was in hold of this family until 1348. It was bought by Charles IV and Bezdez was again in the possession of the king. During the Hussite revolution Bezdez served as a shelter for enemies of the revolution, mainly monks from the nearby monastery that had been attacked. Because of its good defences, Bezdez was not won by the Hussites. At this time Bezdez belonged to Jan of Michalovice who was loyal to the emperor. After changing hands several times, Bezdez became the property of Albrecht of Vallenstein. At this time Bezdez was in a devastated condition. Before the year 1628 renovation work started. In 1666 a copy of the Madonna of Monserrat was transferred to Bezdez and the castle became a place of pilgrimage. However, in the 18th century during the war between Austria and Prussia, Bezdez was occupied and looted. During the reign of Joseph II. the monastery was abolished (1785). After the dissolution of the monastery the castle gradually became desolate. By the mid-19th century Bezdez was a ruin. The first attempts to save the castle came in 1844.