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Bohemian Carnevale 2008
Prague 31.1 – 5.2
Be what you want to be…
The 2008 Bohemian Carnevale is a festival of fantasy, gastronomy and fun. A Czech tradition which dates back over 700 years has been revived. Under the patronage of the mayor of Prague, the capital’s streets will be transformed into a multicoloured whirl of masks and allegorical floats. The main theme of this, the second Bohemian Carnevale, is Metamorphosis.

A selection of what’s on:

31.1. Grand opening of the Bohemian Carnevale at the Clam-Gallas Palace

1.2. Opening of the accompanying exhibition in the Clam-Gallas Palace, opening of the Carnival Salon

1.2. Performance of the play ‘Smorgesbord – A Tragedy in Three Courses’

1.2. The Appearance of Mamuthones – a Whirl of Ancient Sardinian Masks (repeated 2.2)

2.2. Triumph of the Geniuses of the Bohemian Heavens. Display and parade of masks on the Old Town Square as part of ‘Divertimento furioso’, the main event of the carnival

5.2. Candelion – a torch-lit parade through Prague, marking the end of the festival

For the rest of the programme, visit
Divertimento furioso


The Grand Opening of the Bohemian Carnevale

SmorgesbordA Tragedy in Three Courses

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