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25-9-2021, 06:08 UTC
LFS 2005

In recent years the Uherske Hradiste Summer Film School in South Moravia has become one of the key film events in the Czech Republic. While people visit the Karlovy Vary festival to see some of the latest films and meet the stars, Uherske Hradiste has a very different brief. As well as offering interesting films it helps film club organizers, professionals and other film enthusiasts to broaden their knowledge in the field. The festival also remains independent and alternative.
Although comparable to big film festivals in size (currently offering 240 feature films, 200 short films and several dozen filmmaker-audience meetings and workshops), it differs fundamentally from these "regular" festivals. There is no competition, the budget is small, visitors buy accreditation instead of single tickets, the programme is divided into main topic cycles, older films prevail, most films are preceded by discussions or lectures and meetings with authors, and the festival tries to build logical bridges to other fields of the arts, such as music, theatre, graphic arts.
This year's Summer Film School features the largest presentation of Irish cinematography abroad ever, as well as Irish culture in general and music in particular. The programme includes at least 40 feature films and 10 performances by prominent Irish musicians.