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25-9-2021, 05:36 UTC
MFF KV 2005

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is the top event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. It is being held this year for the 40th time, and the tradition goes back to the period just after the Second World War when a noncompetitive film festival was first organized in 1946 in the West Bohemian spa towns of Marianske Lazne and Karlovy Vary. For political reasons it was decided in 1958 that the Karlovy Vary festival would alternate yearly with the festival in Moscow. In recent years the festival has once again become an annual event and a major fixture on the film industry calendar. It has also become immensely popular with moviegoers.
Radio Prague will be in Karlovy Vary, bringing you full coverage of the event, from daily updates to exclusive interviews.
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