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25-9-2021, 07:03 UTC

Czechs in Toronto
"Czechs in Toronto" is a series of reports and features - a project in progress - that will air on Radio Prague throughout the season of spring. The series was taped by reporter Jan Velinger over a five week period in Canada, and includes profiles of notable places and people in the Czech community like Toronto's famous Prague deli, Masaryktown, the Canadian Sokol Gymnastics organisation. Jan also spoke with guests like respected journalist Joe Schlesinger, concert pianist Antonin Kubalek, local TV personality Marketa Slepcikova, as well as two of Toronto's most dedicated community members: Ivo and Jindriska Syptak, just to name a few.
Interested in the lives of Czechs in Toronto? You should be! The first instalment in the series, the Bata Shoe Museum, airs March 2nd.

Thanks to the following people for their suggestions and help on the Czechs in Toronto series, without whom it would not have been possible: Martin Hrobsky, Heather Bowne, Ivo & Mily Syptak, Anna and Ales Macku, Jana Oldfield, Philip Oldfield, and last, but not least, Robert Austin.
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