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Ten Years of Radio Prague on the Internet
The results of Radio Prague Competition
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Ten Years of Radio Prague on the Internet

10 years may not be such a long time in a person's life, but the Internet has seen huge changes.
Let's have a quick look at the history of the Internet at Radio Prague over the last 10 years.
In 1994 Radio Prague was one of the very first Czech media to launch its own website at gopher://, under the initiative of Nora Mikes, a Czech-American working in our English Section.
In the following year Radio Prague gained a permanent Internet connection through the firm CESNET. Radio Prague acquired its own server, and alongside "Gopher" acquired an "ftp" server and the "www" server:
In spring 1996 we introduced colour. Radio Prague launched its first children's painting competition "History on the Net" and the winning pictures were used to illustrate our pages devoted to Czech history. This competition, sponsored by Silicon Graphics, was repeated several times in the following years. You can see the best pictures from each year at:
At the beginning Radio Prague only offered news, a press review and current affairs reports on its website. Gradually other features were added. Because Radio Prague also serves to "present the Czech state and Czech culture abroad", we also gradually added other useful information about the Czech Republic.
May 1996 was another milestone: alongside text we also began to offer audio in Real Audio format. Radio Prague took an important step towards becoming a genuine multimedia broadcaster. .
In the second half of the 90s the idea developed of establishing a special website devoted to the Roma minority in the Czech Republic. The initial impulse came when Roma began leaving the Czech Republic to seek asylum in Western Europe and Canada in 1997, and we discovered that there is very little information available internationally about Czech Roma and produced by Roma. The initial basis for the site was a university thesis by Marketa Kastankova, who was working in Radio Prague's Internet section at the time. The website is a separate domain, and was launched in Czech and English on 1st July 1997. As the website grew, it became necessary to create a new, more user-friendly design. A modernized version of the site, now also including German and French, was launched on 30th June 2003.
In 1998 Radio Prague launched a new service, offering subscribers a free daily news bulletin by email, in any of our six languages. This service is currently used by around 10,000 subscribers.
By the beginning of the 21st century the Internet had become widespread in the Czech Republic, and gradually nearly all media organizations began to use it. It soon became clear that Radio Prague needed to update its internet design, a process which was completed on 24th March 2002.
As our website has improved, the number of visitors has grown. In 2000 the average was 50,000 visits monthly, but by 2004 this figure had risen to 300,000.
Radio Prague's web confirmed its role as an important independent information source in August 2002, when the Czech Republic was struck by devastating floods. Radio Prague provided up-to-the-minute information, including photographs, as the dramatic events developed. Many of these photographs (by Jana Sustova and Jitka Hrabankova) were later published in a book about the floods published by Vitalis in Czech, German and English.
The success of Radio Prague's website does not mean that we are becoming less of a radio station. The internet is one of Radio Prague's many platforms, through which to reach a broad audience, and thanks to the internet we can even reach places not served by our traditional radio broadcasts. The website also offers information about when and where you can hear us on shortwave, FM and by satellite, and for shortwave radio hobbyists we also offer QSL cards (reception confirmation) in electronic form.
Today Radio Prague's web includes many projects which have acquired their own momentum, such as the Roma website already mentioned, the "History of Czech Music", the Insight Central Europe site, for which Radio Prague recently received a grant from the International Visegrad Fund, and our new special site for Czechs abroad

The results of Radio Prague Competition

More than 150 contestants took part in our Internet Competition!
The question was:
When was
the current
of Radio Prague's

And the correct answer is:
24th March 2002
We drew these lucky winners from a hat containing all 90 correct answers! Congratulations!

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