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25-9-2021, 05:26 UTC
MFF KV 2003

Thousands of film fans as well as professionals are packing their bags for Karlovy Vary, where they'll be attending the world-famous 38th International Karlovy Vary Film Festival. From July 4 until July 12, they will be able to watch several hundred selected films from around the world made last year, many of them premieres.
As every year, a number of star guests are expected, including actors Susan Sarandon, Morgan Freeman, John Hurt, William Forsythe and Udo Kier, as well as renowned film directors Stephen Frears and Alain Corneau, to mention just a few. The festival will open with the premiere of the new Czech film Pupendo by Jan Hrebejk. Pupendo will represent the Czech Republic in a competition of 15 films.
Radio Prague will be in Karlovy Vary, bringing you full coverage of the event, from daily updates to exclusive interviews.
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