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14-11-2019, 06:17 UTC
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[07-01-2018 8:43 UTC]  Martina Bílá
[13-11-2019 14:00 UTC]    Tom McEnchroe
Photo: archive of People in Need The Russian Foreign Ministry has effectively banned People in Need by placing it on its list of undesirable organisations. The Czech humanitarian NGO has since reacted by saying that, while it is ceasing its activities in Russia, this does not mean its work in the country is over.
[25-05-2019]    Pavla Horáková
Marek Toman, photo: Karolína Demelová / Czech Radio With three books published just last year, Marek Toman is currently one of the most prolific Czech authors. He last spoke to Radio Prague almost three years ago after he published a novel narrated by a building – Černín Palace, seat of the Czech Foreign Ministry. Since then, he has written two other novels closely connected to historical Prague.
[22-10-2016 00:01 UTC]    Daniela Lazarová
Photo: archive of Radio Prague In Magazine: Prague among top 20 most visited cities in the world; police officers complain their bulletproof vests aren’t bulletproof; a minor takes two buses on a joyride; a Czech bug enthusiast boasts a 10cm cockroach and the most bizarre things Czechs leave behind in taxis.
[20-08-2016 00:01 UTC]    Clare Profous
Photo: Hansueli Krapf, CC BY-SA 3.0 Hello and welcome to a fresh edition of SoundCzech, Radio Prague’s Czech language course in which you can learn Czech idioms with the help of song lyrics. Today’s song, sung by Markéta Konvičková, is called Z ráje jsem utekla – I ran away from heaven. The words to listen out for are ráj and peklo.
[27-11-2012 14:48 UTC]    Coilin O'Connor
Spotlight this week comes from Uherské Hradiště, a charming picturesque town in south-east Moravia. Like so many places in this part of the world, Uherské Hradiště has a rich and complex history. As tour guide Lenka Kornelová explains, the town was established nearly eight centuries ago in reaction to the turbulent events of that time and the city actually gets its name - meaning "Hungarian Fortress" - from this period.
[19-01-2011 14:37 UTC]    Chris Johnstone
Pavel Kohout Pavel Kohout is an economist who seems seldom out of the media. He recently created a stir when he announced he was leaving the government’s advisory committee, NERV, and criticised government willingness to tackle multi-billion crown corruption in public tenders. That furore appears to have blown over and Mr. Kohout seems on course to give further advice to the government and the new political party, Public Affairs.
[25-01-2011 12:36 UTC]    Chris Johnstone
Karel Schwarzenberg, photo: archive of the Czech Government The Czech Foreign Minister has announced a wide ranging review of foreign policy to take account both of changes in the Czech Republic and those in the wider world. The review comes with the jury still out on whether a more streamlined EU foreign policy can deliver, the outcome of Afghanistan still unclear and questions still up in the air about relations with Russia.
[13-11-2019 13:38 UTC]    Ruth Fraňková
Photo: Tomáš Adamec / Czech Radio The launch of the new electronic toll system on Czech highways at the beginning of December can cause major traffic disruptions, the toll operator Czech Toll/Sky Toll has warned. Traffic jams of up to 40 kilometres are expected in some parts of the country, especially at border crossings, when the new toll system goes into operation.
[13-11-2019 12:52 UTC]    Tom McEnchroe
Národní třída, November 17 1989, photo: Petr Čepek / Charles University / Czech Television In a remarkable work of oral history, four students with the help of former dissident and award winning author Aleš Palán have produced a 270 page history of the events that took place in Prague on November 17, 1989. One of them is Alžběta Ambrožová, a 26 year old graduate of English and American Studies. She says that around 300 testimonies were collected through a mix of interviews and online questionnaires.
[11-11-2019 15:01 UTC]   
Photo: archive of Brno Observatory and Planetarium The magazine GEO has ranked Brno’s Observatory and Planetarium among the 10 best institutions of its kind in Europe. The facility’s new building was opened to the public in autumn 2011 following extensive renovations.
[11-11-2019 14:04 UTC]   Ian Willoughby
Magdaléna Platzová, photo: Ian Willoughby Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution was sparked by a student demonstration on November 17, 1989 that was brutally quelled by riot police. Among those on the front line of those clashes was writer Magdaléna Platzová. The daughter of dissident Eda Kriseová, at 17 years old she had already taken part in a number of demonstrations. But, she says, nothing prepared her for the violence that surrounded her on Prague’s Národní St. on that now famous day.
[10-11-2019]    Brian Kenety
Minus123minut, photo: archive of Minus123minut At the turn of the millennium, the group ‘minus123minut’ was among the most innovative and important of Czech bands, known for their live shows and heady mix of rock, jazz, blues and funk. The band was named Discovery of the Year in 1999, cut a few LPs, toured Europe, and then broke up in 2009 after the release of their album ‘Dream’. A few years ago, original singer-guitarist Zdeněk Bína and lyricist-bassist Fredrik Janáček reformed the band, along with Slovak drummer and vibraphone player Dano Šoltis. Today’s show features their newly released comeback album, ‘Les’ (Forest).
[09-11-2019]    David Vaughan
Sudeten Germans in 1938, photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-58507-003 / CC-BY-SA 3.0 The Czech Radio archives give us a rich and nuanced picture of the months leading up to the Munich Agreement of September 1938 that resulted in Nazi Germany annexing huge areas of Czechoslovakia. So many recordings survive that we can reconstruct the events leading up to Munich almost day by day. They include insights from many different angles, not least the perspective of the German-speakers of Czechoslovakia, those who supported, but also those who opposed Hitler. The archives offer a sober warning of how easily a democratic state can be shattered through rumour, lies and propaganda.
[07-11-2019 12:59 UTC]    Vít Pohanka
Photo: Filip Jandourek / Czech Radio There are new warnings about a possible outbreak of measles in European countries including Czechia. Despite repeated warnings by the World Health Organization and national authorities, some Czech parents still refuse to have their children vaccinated.
[01-11-2019 12:16 UTC]    Ian Willoughby
'Kings of Šumava', photo: Bionaut One of the highlights of this year’s Jihlava festival of documentary films was the Czech premiere of Kings of Šumava, which combines real interviews with animation to tell the gripping story of Josef Hasil. A native of the mountain range, Hasil was a border guard turned cross-border agent whose derring-do in smuggling defectors across the Iron Curtain led Czechoslovakia’s secret police to list him as the “king of Šumava” in their files.