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22-7-2019, 03:16 UTC
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Sinologist Filip Jirouš: China will keep pressuring Prague leadership, new agreement unlikely
[19.07.2019]   Tom McEnchroe

Photo: Pixabay Prague’s leadership has for months been trying to remove an article from an agreement signed between the Czech capital and Beijing during the rule of previous coalition, which refers to the One China concept. Mayor Zdeněk Hřib says the agreement should be apolitical and that including the formulation was a mistake. However, on Wednesday, China asked the Prague government not to interfere in Czech-Chinese relations, accusing Prague’s mayor and government of having behaved “very badly on issues involving China’s national sovereignty and core interests”.

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 19.7.2019   Sinologist Filip Jirouš: China will keep pressuring Prague leadership, new agreement unlikely
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