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18-10-2017, 16:37 UTC
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Prague Castle treasures and relics to be exhibited in Moscow
[18.10.2017]   Jan Velinger

Czech crown jewels, photo: Filip Jandourek Relics from the 14th century and copies of the Czech crown jewels will go on display in Moscow during an upcoming visit by Czech President Miloš Zeman.

 18.10.2017   Czech Little Mole at centre of marketing rights battle
 18.10.2017   Prague Castle treasures and relics to be exhibited in Moscow
 17.10.2017   Renovation of Baroque gem underway in Stromovka Park
 17.10.2017   Lithium mining and Czech national interests take centre stage in run-up to general elections
 16.10.2017   Semyon Bychkov appointed Czech Philharmonic chief
 16.10.2017   Czech ministry mulls massive recruitment of foreign workers to fill jobs
 13.10.2017   Exhibition focuses on story of Prague pre-fab six
 13.10.2017   Video report: Fifth edition of Signal now underway
 13.10.2017   Communist era past catches up with Czech ANO leader ahead of polls
 12.10.2017   Prague pays homage to UNESCO listed Tugendhat Villa
 12.10.2017   Concrete barriers at historic sites a ‘necessary eyesore’ – for now
 11.10.2017   President’s comments over Russia sanctions draw sharp response
 11.10.2017   Greenpeace calls for hike in Czech lithium mining royalties as row continues
 10.10.2017   Czech President Zeman addresses Council of Europe
 10.10.2017   Prague prepares for launch of annual light show
 9.10.2017   Resisters of communist regime honoured in Prague
 6.10.2017   Škoda Auto bosses seek to defuse fears over production transfer
 6.10.2017   New report documents alarming rise of problem gambling among Czechs
 5.10.2017   Festival of Democracy, the associated program of Forum 2000, gets underway
 5.10.2017   Jaromír Jágr gets NHL lifeline with Calgary Flames
 4.10.2017   Rare coin treasure troves headed for Czech museum
 4.10.2017   Top level meeting convened to tackle Prague taxi crisis
 3.10.2017   Žižkov Tower babies come down for renovation
 3.10.2017   Czech Potato Research Institute cultivates new blue potato variety
 2.10.2017   British artist buries MiG 21 fighter jet to symbolize the end of an era
 2.10.2017   Czech politicians denounce use of violence against voters in Catalonia’s independence referendum
 29.9.2017   British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for Czech Radio: We will make sure our friends and partners in the EU are not left in the lurch
 29.9.2017   Czech researchers gain access to Soviet World War II prisoner of war records
 29.9.2017   Czech PM sees stronger and clearer EU stance
 27.9.2017   Azerbaijan video raises concerns over arms sales