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26-4-2019, 10:10 UTC
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Czech Republic’s cultural heritage to go online
[25.04.2019]   Tom McEnchroe

Illustrative photo: Ondřej Tomšů The Czech Republic’s cultural heritage is set to become more accessible than ever after the Ministry of Culture announced it will create a freely accessible central database of the country’s heritage online. Dubbed Czechiana, the EU funded project will make it possible to see anything from maps, pictures and diaries normally located in Czech museums and galleries, on the internet by November 2020.

 25.4.2019   Czech President laments “stain” in Chinese cooperation ahead of Belt and Road summit
 25.4.2019   Czech Republic’s cultural heritage to go online
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 15.4.2019   Czech “breastfeeding guerrilla” mums stage “feed-ins” over incident at Austrian bank
 12.4.2019   Prague’s DOX to commemorate Tiananmen Sq. massacre with unveiling of Liu bust
 12.4.2019   Czech President: I warned ex-Justice Minister about illegality of alleged Russian hacker Yevgeniy Nikulin’s extradition to US
 11.4.2019   Political analyst: Ministers who do not score points for ANO have to go
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 9.4.2019   Czech students design hemp-fibre housing construction for Mars
 9.4.2019   Embattled transport minister announces decision to step down
 8.4.2019   Radio Prague alumna Pavla Horáková wins Magnesia Litera award for novel ‘A Theory of Strangeness’
 5.4.2019   Opposition party proposes drivers be allowed to have a beer
 5.4.2019   Czech archaeologists reveal identity of ancient Egyptian Queen
 4.4.2019   Mayor Hřib: ‘Big Brother’ won’t be watching vacant Prague property owners’ electricity meters
 4.4.2019   Pressure mounts for Czech trade minister to resign over China-Taiwan diplomatic incident
 4.4.2019   As NATO marks 70 years, Jens Stoltenberg discusses main challenges facing alliance
 3.4.2019   CZK 50 million foreign investment scheme opens up to Czech businesses
 3.4.2019   Real-life ‘Iron Man’ flies over Vltava River
 2.4.2019   Czech mental health care to undergo major reform