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21-8-2018, 04:36 UTC
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Czech Radio recreates dramatic night of invasion with 13-hour broadcast
[20.08.2018]   Ian Willoughby

Jan Pokorný, photo: Khalil Baalbaki, ČRo Czechoslovak Radio was a focal point of the Soviet-led invasion of 1968, with the streets around the station seeing the worst violence and the highest number of deaths. Today’s Czech Radio is marking those momentous events with a special 13-hour broadcast featuring both archival materials and new interviews with eye-witnesses.

 20.8.2018   Virtual reality to simulate first-hand experience of invasion
 20.8.2018   Czech Radio recreates dramatic night of invasion with 13-hour broadcast
 17.8.2018   Events around country to recall crushing of hope of Prague Spring
 17.8.2018   Architect: Restorers have failed to properly preserve bullet holes on National Museum
 16.8.2018   Increasing number of municipalities limit tap water use
 16.8.2018   Anniversary of 1968 invasion spotlights present-day concerns about domestic, foreign policy
 15.8.2018   Artist teams up with Doctors Without Borders to take on demon diseases
 15.8.2018   Czech Air Force and British RAF celebrate centenary together, recall the ties that bind them
 14.8.2018   Czech NGO comes out in support of jailed Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov
 14.8.2018   Rare stamps to go on display in Prague
 13.8.2018   Young Russians in Prague find that 1968 Russian-led invasion casts long shadow
 10.8.2018   For Slavonic Studies Students, School is in Session
 10.8.2018   Czech diplomats negotiate release of humanitarian workers in Syria
 9.8.2018   Continuing heatwave forces Czech farmers to slaughter their livestock early
 9.8.2018   Storm brewing over plan to cut state funds to NGOs
 8.8.2018   Country pays homage to fallen Czech servicemen
 8.8.2018   Tragic incident highlights care for war veterans
 7.8.2018   Mezipatra celebrates pride with “Identity in the City” series
 7.8.2018   Prague exhibition brings August 1968 invasion to life
 6.8.2018   Czech soldiers serving in Afghanistan killed by suicide bomber
 3.8.2018   Hitler’s ugly mug: police deem sale of Nazi leader’s image on t-shirts, coffee cups lawful
 2.8.2018   Precious Renaissance shield looted by Nazis to return to Czech Republic from US
 2.8.2018   5G network auction moving ahead, but “affordable” unlimited data still far off
 1.8.2018   Heatwave continues to put pressure on businesses, individuals alike
 1.8.2018   Head of Supreme Court believes state should compensate H-System victims
 31.7.2018   Tougher legislation will seek to crackdown on rogue animal breeders
 31.7.2018   Chamber of Commerce seeks another doubling of quota for Ukrainian workers
 30.7.2018   Despite the heat, ukulele enthusiasts strum on
 30.7.2018   Czech, Slovak presidents mark anniversary of common statehood by vintage train ride
 27.7.2018   Uherské Hradiště summer film school fest kicks off with Ecstasy, auteur Mike Leigh