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11-7-2020, 02:33 UTC
[13.08.2019 5:45 UTC] Ian Willoughby
Schillerová promises more money for ministries in 2020 budget

The minister of finance, ANO appointee Alena Schillerová, says more money will be available to individual government departments than previously planned. The prognosis for expansion of gross domestic product has improved while savings have also been made in servicing the state debt, Czech Television reported.

Ms. Schillerová says the 2020 state budget could be up to CZK 10 billion higher than previously projected. This will be clear by the end of August, she said.

The finance chief has already agreed deals with a number of cabinet colleagues on their ministries’ budgets for next year.

The Social Democrats, the junior party in the coalition, are pushing for more money for certain areas.