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11-7-2020, 03:00 UTC
[25.05.2019 15:03 UTC] Brian Kenety
Czech voter turnout for Euro elections seen higher than in 2014

Preliminary information from Czech district councils shows voter turnout for the European Parliament election is higher than in 2014, when it reached 18.2 percent.

In Prague, more than 30 percent of eligible voters cast ballots. In most regions, it ranged between 15 to 21 percent. However, in some regions, it was as low as 5 percent or as high as 55 percent.

On the ballot are some 840 candidates from 40 parties and movements, who are vying for 21 seats in the European Parliament. A low turnout would favour opposition and smaller parties.

According to the Median agency, the ruling centre-right ANO party should win 22-25 percent of the vote and their junior partner in government, the centre-left Social Democrats, about 5-6 percent.

The opposition Pirates and the Civic Democrats are polling at about 14 percent each, the TOP 09 and Party of Mayors and Independents coalition up to 11 percent, the far-right Freedom and Direct Democracy party 9-10 percent, the Christian Democrats 7-9 percent and the Communists at about 5-6 percent.

The Czech Statistical Office will publish preliminary results on Sunday evening, after all polls close in other EU countries. The official tally will be announced by the national election commission on Tuesday.