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19-10-2019, 23:10 UTC
[25.03.2019 14:46 UTC] Daniela Lazarová
Czech Republic poised to scrap strict controls on Polish meat imports

The Czech Republic, which was poised to scrap the strict control measures imposed on Polish meat imports on Monday, is still waiting for written guarantees from Poland pertaining to its own control measures which would guarantee safe imports in the future.

Agriculture Minister Miroslav Toman, who discussed the issue with his Polish counterpart and the EU commissioner for agriculture last week said the agreed on measures were adequate and controls would cease as soon as the Czech Republic received assurances that they had been implemented.

According to Petr Majer from the State Veterinary Authority if the written guarantees arrive on Tuesday the controls could be called off on Wednesday.

The strict control measures were introduced shortly after Czech veterinary authorities confirmed salmonella- infected meat in beef and poultry imports from Poland.