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5-7-2020, 01:48 UTC
[08.03.2019 11:54 UTC] Brian Kenety
Convicted killer Jiří Kajínek testifies in Brno planned murder case

Jiří Kajínek, convicted of series of contract murders but released on a presidential pardon in 2017, gave witness testimony on Friday in a Brno court about a planned murder.

Prosecutors say a woman promised her lover 50 million crowns if he killed her husband. Mr Kajínek, who acknowledged that he knew the woman’s lover, said he had no knowledge about a contract killing.

The woman’s lover, Jiří Kopriva, allegedly pusher her husband over the edge of a rock quarry outside of Brno, but he managed to grab on to something and so did not fall to his death.

Mr Kajinek became something of a celebrity after escaping from the country’s maximum security prison several years ago. He spent a total of 23 years in prison. He and Mr Kopriva became acquainted soon after his release.