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14-11-2019, 06:18 UTC
[27.02.2019 15:04 UTC] Tom McEnchroe
Unipetrol secures future oil supply from Southern Europe

Petrochemical giant Unipetrol has prolonged its contract with Croatian company Jadranski Naftovod until 2021. The later controls the Adria oil pipeline running through the Balkans.

Unipetrol’s general director Krzysztof Zdziarski said that the Adria is an alternative for the Czech Republic – and Central Europe as a whole – in case of a cut in oil supplies from the Druzhba pipeline which runs from Russia into Central Europe.

Unipetrol is the Czech Republic’s only petroleum processor and also owns the country’s largest petrol station chain, Benzina. The company hopes the Adria pipeline will supply its refineries in Kralupy and Litvínov.