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27-1-2020, 12:22 UTC
[26.02.2019 16:39 UTC] Ian Willoughby
Babiš and Zeman discuss former’s planned White House visit next week

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš says an invitation to the White House for a meeting with President Donald Trump actually applies to the Czech Republic and not just to him personally. Speaking on Tuesday after a discussion with President Milos Zeman about the visit – which is scheduled for Thursday next week – Mr. Babiš said the head of state had been pleased by the news it would take place, reported.

The prime minister said that Mr. Zeman had chiefly discussed the economic interests of the Czech Republic and Europe with regard to the US during their 90-minute conversation.

Earlier in the day Mr. Babiš had told reporters that his meeting with Mr. Trump would focus on cooperation within the framework of NATO, economic relations with the US, cyber security and the situations in Venezuela and Syria.