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13-8-2020, 00:54 UTC
[31.01.2016 11:53 UTC] Jan Velinger
NHL All-Star competition: P.K. Subban channels Jágr in breakaway challenge

Montreal Canadiens' defenceman P.K. Subban won the NHL's breakaway challenge in the NHL's All-Stars skills competition on Saturday while channeling Czech legend Jaromír Jágr. On his second attempt, Subban donned a Florida Panthers jersey with the number 68, a wig emulating Jágr's famous mullet haircut, and a Jofa helmet; after taking the shot on Pekka Rinne, he even saluted Jágr-style. Speaking afterwards, Subban said he only got the idea around 25 minutes earlier but that it was a sign of respect to a player he had grown up watching. Jágr, also on the All-Star team, got a clear kick out of the joke and joined Subban on the ice in appreciation.