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8-8-2020, 20:34 UTC
[18.01.2016 10:00 UTC] Jan Velinger
Municipal court issues distraint order against City Hall

The Municipal Court for the district of Prague 1 has issued a distraint order against Prague City Hall for having allegedly failed to respect an earlier court ruling ordering the city to allow the firm eMoneyServices access to the Opencard system. The news was confirmed by EMS spokesman Martin Opatrný on Monday. The company earlier filed a legal suit against Prague for 60 million crowns. City Hall has not responded yet. The city has been legally at odds with EMS ever since Prague declined to renew a contract on the Opencard system, charging the company’s asking price was too high. The Opencard is a multi-purpose card used primarily as a transit pass in the Czech capital; the original system dates back to the era of former Prague mayor Pavel Bém and was heavily criticised for a number of questionable contracts and a high sticker price. The system has thus far cost the city 1.35 billion crowns.