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13-8-2020, 00:54 UTC
[04.01.2015 10:31 UTC] Ian Willoughby
Organiser again denies U.S. Embassy “link” to protest after Zeman comments

The organiser of a demonstration against President Miloš Zeman has repeated his assertion that it was not paid for by the U.S. Embassy in Prague. Speaking to, Martin Přikryl accused Mr. Zeman of manipulation following his comment that a conspiracy theory linking the U.S. Embassy to the protest “could not be ruled out”, though there was no evidence to support it. Mr. Přikryl said the president had failed to rule out a proven lie and had by contrast overlooked evidence that it was untrue. The American Embassy’s “link” to the November 17 “red card” protest was asserted the next day by an obscure website.