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12-8-2020, 23:34 UTC
[29.01.2011 19:00 UTC] Více autorů
European Yo Yo Championship in Prague

The Czech Yo Yo Association is hosting a two-day European Championship in Prague’s Archa Theatre. The first ever European Yoyo Championship was held in the United Kingdom in 1953 and last year Prague hosted the event after a 57 year long break. The competition newly introduced 5 divisions and the winners were: Václav Kroutil (Czech Republic) in 1A division, Dave Geigle (Germany) in 2A, Lorenzo Sabatini (Italy) in 3A, Nandor Groger (Hungary) in 4A Offstring division and Petr Kavka (Czech Republic) in 5A counterweight division. This year’s winners in all five categories will be announced on Sunday evening.