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8-8-2020, 21:01 UTC
[22.01.2011 18:23 UTC] Více autorů
Barta insists ABL has clean slate, says detective accused of political spying was a subcontractor.

Key Public Affairs party member and Transport Minister Vít Bárta says it was not his former detective agency, ABL, that spied on politicians from a district town hall in Prague in 2007, but rather one of its subcontractors. The statement comes in response to information published last week in the news outlet MF Dnes, allegedly proving ABL’s responsibility for the incident. Mr Bárta told the daily Lidové noviny that the person alleged to have done the spying was not an ABL employee but a subcontractor, and that other supposed proof had been manufactured. On Saturday he told a special press conference that he had received a job for an anticorruption programme for the Prague 11 town hall, and had run a check to make sure his company could “associate their name” with the organisation. MF Dnes claims that a number of Civic Democrat politicians from Prague 11, including the mayor, were followed by detectives seeking compromising information on them. Mr Bárta also told press that ABL had taken no political jobs or and did not attempt to discredit any politician.