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Selection committee described as a travesty

Prime Minister Petr Nečas has rejected plans to select a new head of the police force put forward by Interior Minister Radek John. He said they were a travesty, would result in a complete mess and were the last thing the force needed now. The prime minister said it was ridiculous that the future police chief would in part be selected by those lower down the hierarchy. Mr. John announced Tuesday that a 10-member committee will decide on a successor to Oldřich Martinů, the police president who stepped down at the end of December. The minister said on Thursday that he was sticking by his plan in spite of the criticism.

Two of the places on the selection committee were offered to former interior ministers: Martin Pecina and Frantíšek Bublan, both members of the opposition Social Democrats. But the party has since rejected the invitation. So far two people have publically expressed interest in the job: deputy police chief Ivan Bílek and Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Čech.