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11-8-2020, 15:54 UTC
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Partial adoption of anti-corruption strategy

The Czech government at its first 2011 meeting on Wednesday adopted the main lines of an anti-corruption strategy. Details of the road map of how to tackle graft will, however, be filled out by a special working group of party leaders. They will follow the lines set out for them by Wednesday’s cabinet meeting. The final draft of the strategy including five reworked points of the 58-point programme should be adopted in two weeks.

Tension between coalition partners has mounted over the proposed strategy. The biggest government party, the Civic Democrats, and junior party, Public Affairs, clashed over the proposal drawn up by Public Affairs leader and Minister of the Interior Radek John. Prime Minister Petr Nečas said on Tuesday that he wanted the proposal reworked to incorporate observations about it from the economic advisory council, NERV. He also expressed reservations about the idea of police being given greater access to corruption suspects’ tax records. In the end, only a special police unit will have access to these tax records. Mr. John accused the prime minister of trying to ‘mutilate’ his proposal.