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8-8-2020, 21:17 UTC
[04.01.2011 20:30 UTC] Více autorů
State attorney’s office throws out charges against motorist

The regional state attorney’s office in Prague has returned a case against 43-year-old motorist and businessman Aleš Trpišovský to police investigators, saying there was currently no evidence he had committed a crime. The office also said the case file had significant shortcomings. Police suspect Mr Trpišovský of having purposely driven recklessly on the country’s D1 highway in an attempt to cause grievous bodily harm or damage to personal property. According to reports, the suspect purposely hit the brakes in front of slower vehicles in two incidents last week. In one of the cases, the car behind him was able to stop, but in the other the driver crashed. If the case did go to trial and the suspect was found guilty, he would face between five to 12 years in prison. A police spokesman said the police would continue their investigation.