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11-8-2020, 16:44 UTC
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President says no secret deal made at Prague Castle

President Vaclav Klaus on Monday rejected speculation of a secret deal at Prague Castle which would give him more leverage in foreign policy matters. Speaking after his traditional New Year’s lunch with the prime minister, the president said that no secret deal had been made at the talks preceding December’s no-confidence vote in the centre right cabinet. The president called the meeting in a successful, last-minute bid to restore government unity but the content of the talks has been kept under wraps. Mr. Klaus told journalists nothing out-of-the ordinary had been agreed, saying he had merely helped the parties of the coalition government to see eye-to-eye on some matters. The secrecy surrounding the agreement, which included the resignation of the police president, has led to widespread speculation in the media. Mr. Klaus has also come under fire for taking on too much initiative and overstepping his powers as head of state.