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19-7-2019, 05:43 UTC
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EU President meets with Czech President and PM

European Union President Herman Van Rompuy is continuing his first official visit to Prague after meeting Friday with the Czech prime minister, Jan Fischer, and President Václav Klaus, the latter a well known opponent of EU integration and the Lisbon Treaty. Notably neglecting to use the title of EU President, Mr Klaus told journalists that he was receiving Mr Van Rompuy as he would any other “high-ranking EU official”, and said that the meeting had done nothing to change his view of the European Union. After talks with Prime Minister Fischer, Mr Rompuy said they had agreed that the EU must continue with aid to Haiti even after media attention begins to wane, and that an upcoming international conference would be key to organising long-term support for the earthquake-stricken country, which the European Union has promised 429 million euros in immediate humanitarian aid. Mr. Herman Van Rompuy took up the post of EU President on January 1 and has since conducted a tour of EU member states.