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22-11-2019, 04:53 UTC
[29.01.2010 19:24 UTC] Více autorů
EU President on first official visit to Prague

European Union President Herman Van Rompuy is on his first official visit to Prague. On Friday morning the EU president met with the Czech prime minister, Jan Fischer, for talks that focused on the economy, climate change and the EU’s humanitarian effort in Haiti. In the afternoon Mr. Rompuy met with President Václav Klaus, a well known opponent of EU integration and the Lisbon Treaty. The two officials said little about the content of their talks, though President Klaus told journalists the meeting had done nothing to change his view of the European Union.

Only last week Mr. Klaus criticized the new working structure of the European saying that there was no clear delimitation of powers and responsibilities. Mr. Herman Van Rompuy took up the post of EU President on January 1 and has since conducted a tour of EU member states.