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14-11-2019, 06:22 UTC
[27.01.2010 18:55 UTC] Více autorů
Temperatures of as low as -30 recorded on coldest night of year

Temperatures fell to as low as -30.7 degrees Celsius in the Czech Republic on Tuesday night, the coldest night so far this year. Record lows of around -25 were recorded at several places. Tuesday’s freeze caused railway tracks to crack in some parts of the country, leading to delays. One man froze to death in the Prague district of Jinonice during the night, some people were treated for frostbite, and a boat used as a shelter for the homeless in the Czech capital housed 259 people, the most ever seen for one night. Forecasters said temperatures would rise on Wednesday, but warned of snow and strong winds. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the country was -42.2 degrees Celsius, in 1929.