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22-11-2019, 05:10 UTC
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Czech Foreign Minister says long term role required in Haiti after emergency aid

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout said on Sunday that Czech aid for earthquake struck Haiti should be long term. He said aid should continue to flow in the coming weeks, months and years once the media images have disappeared. The government is due to meet Monday to discuss a further 10 million crowns in emergency aid from the Foreign Ministry emergencies budget. So far the ministry has released 5 million crowns in emergency aid aimed at restoring supplies of drinking water.

Minister of Defence Martin Barták said it was prepared to send Czech field hospitals and specialists and even military police to help keep order in the country if necessary. Media reports have said heavily armed gangs have returned to the capital Port-au-Prince. Mr Barták said discussions with aid coordinators are continuing over what other aid could be sent.

Local estimates say that up to 200,000 people died and up to 300,000 have been left homeless by the quake at the start of the week.