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2009 budget deficit reached CZK 195 billion, says PM

The Czech Republic’s budget deficit last year was, at CZK 195 billion, over five times higher than the amount originally approved by the Chamber of Deputies. The caretaker Czech prime minister, Jan Fischer, revealed the finance ministry’s provisional figure on a TV debate programme on Sunday. The government of his predecessor, Mirek Topolánek, had pushed through a deficit of CZK 38.1 billion; in November deputies voted to raise that figure to CZK 52.2 billion, in order to cover the funding of old age pensions. The budget for 2010 envisages a record deficit of around CZK 163 billion, though that could rise considerably, due to spending promises won by the left wing parties in the lower house and further expected amendments. Mr Fischer has said he will hold meetings to discuss the budget with individual leaders of the main political parties this month.