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22-11-2019, 05:27 UTC
[01.01.2010 19:21 UTC] Více autorů
President Klaus warns against growing indebtedness

In his New Year’s address to the nation President Václav Klaus stressed the role of the individual in a free and democratic society and urged Czechs to use their vote wisely in the coming election year. He said the country needed a strong, action-capable government which would see it through the economic crisis and not leave the bill to future generations by a policy of growing indebtedness. He urged Czechs to use their talents and skills in free enterprise and take responsibility for their future. The president spoke of family values, tolerance and charity, which he said should start close to home, where a neighbour or someone in the vicinity might be in need of a helping hand. True to form, Mr. Klaus lashed out against environmentalists, telling Czechs they should work to solve the problems at hand and leave the problems of the distant future to sci-fi writers.