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11-8-2020, 16:52 UTC
[26.01.2008 18:41 UTC] Více autorů
Švejnar to give up US citizenship if elected Czech president

The Czech-American economist Jan Švejnar has said he will give up his US citizenship if he is elected Czech president. He made the statement in an interview for the Saturday edition of Mladá fronta Dnes. The candidate said it was a decision he hadn’t reached easily but one he had arrived at after touring the country and hearing from members of the public. Mr Švejnar, who lives on-and-off in the United States, dismissed any suggestion he was bowing to political pressure: dual-citizenship has been an issue for some lawmakers on the political Left, namely the Communists. Mr Švejnar is the sole challenger to incumbent President Václav Klaus, still widely considered the favourite. The election takes place on February 8.