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13-8-2020, 00:56 UTC
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President Klaus rejects deal with Christian Democrats over Čunek return

President Václav Klaus has rejected speculation about a possible deal between his party the Civic Democrats and the Christian Democrats, under which the latter’s leader Jiří Čunek would be allowed to return to the cabinet, if his party’s legislators voted for Mr Klaus in presidential elections next month. On Wednesday the head of the Green Party, Martin Bursík, warned against such a deal after Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek of the Civic Democrats indicated he would be prepared to accept the return of Mr Čunek as deputy prime minister and minister for regional development, after an investigation into allegations he had accepted bribes was dropped.

Mr Klaus will face economist Jan Švejnar in a bicameral vote on February 8, with the incumbent regarded as the favourite. If the maximum three rounds of voting are required, they will all take place on the same day, the chairman of the lower house, Miloslav Vlček said on Thursday after talks with Mr Klaus and the chair of the Senate, Přemysl Sobotka.