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[01.01.2008 19:52 UTC] Více autorů
President Klaus gives last New Year’s Day address in his five-year term

In his traditional New Year’s Day address, President Václav Klaus has called on Czechs to protect and cultivate their identity in order not to lose their freedom in a world where borders are becoming increasingly open. President Klaus also said that despite many problems, Czechs are now living in the best possible period in the country’s history, which he said is proved by the fact that Czechs are not leaving the country en masse even though they are free to. Mr Klaus also said that an upward trend in mortgage borrowing suggests a faith in the future. In the address, broadcast live on three national TV channels and on Czech Radio, President Klaus noted that 2008 is another year in a succession of years, all ending in the figure eight, that were milestones in the country’s history – 1918, 1938, 1948 and 1968.

This year’s address was the last in Mr Klaus’s five-year term of office which expires in two months time. Next month, Mr Klaus will seek re-election in a vote held at a joint session of both houses of parliament.