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8-8-2020, 20:28 UTC
[09.01.2005 18:47 UTC] Více autorů
Fourteen missing, eight feared dead in Indian Ocean disaster

Fourteen Czechs remain unaccounted for in the wake of the Indian Ocean disaster, eight of the missing are feared dead. The Czech Republic has only one confirmed casualty so far - a 24 year old woman. News of an alleged second Czech casualty have not been confirmed. The Czech ambassador to Bangkok Jiri Sitler said on Saturday that attempts to identify the body had failed and that a DNA test would be necessary.

Meanwhile, experts have been taking DNA samples from relatives of the eight Czechs believed to have died. The first results have already been sent to the afflicted region in order to aid the identification process. The Czech Foreign Ministry has now openly acknowledged the possibility that the bodies of some Czech victims may already have been buried in mass graves.