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[01.01.2005 18:51 UTC] Více autorů
President Klaus: EU entry was not a watershed in people's lives

In his New Year's address to the nation President Vaclav Klaus said that the Czech Republic's accession to the European Union on May 1st, 2004 did not prove to be a watershed in people's lives. The President said that although the ongoing changes have been continuous, people should be aware of them. In his speech President Klaus criticised the fact that despite promises, the reforms of the health care and pension systems have not been launched. Mr Klaus also mentioned the low voter turnout in the European Parliament, Senate and regional elections that took place in the Czech Republic in the past year. The President said that by not turning up people expressed what they thought of those institutions. He concluded his New Year's address by saying that 2005 should not be a nameless year, lacking in substance. He called on the Czech people to follow traditionalist, conservative and un-ideological goals and demand courage, responsibility and modesty from their elected representatives.