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19-7-2019, 06:33 UTC
Party profiles
Green Party
Green Party

Election slogan:"Quality of life"

Party leader: Martin BursikMartin Bursik

About the party: The Green Party was founded in 1989, but has only begun attracting significant attention in recent months. The majority of recent opinion polls suggest that it has a strong chance of winning the 5% of votes needed to enter the Chamber of Deputies. The party was long beset by internal squabbles between different factions. This changed at a congress in September 2005, when Martin Bursik became party leader (before joining the party Bursik was briefly Environment Minister in 1998). After his election some members broke away from the party to found a separate political organization. Under the new leadership the Greens are cultivating the image of a centrist party; some elements of their manifesto, for example the reduction of direct taxation, can be seen as right of centre, on the other hand the party also advocates a very active role for the state in regulating activities damaging to the environment. The party also favours an "environment tax". It is strongly opposed to nuclear energy.


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