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14-11-2019, 06:36 UTC
QSL 2009

The 434.1100
steam locomotive first appeared on the railways of Czechoslovakia in 1920. It was the first locomotive ever made by Škoda in Plzeň.

FOTO: J. Šlápota NTM
The 387.043
fast steam locomotive was produced for Czechoslovak Railways by Škoda in Plzeň in 1937. It reached a speed of up to 110 kilometres an hour and was used for express and local trains on Czechoslovakia’s main railway lines.
FOTO: T. Kučera NTM
The 464.202
steam locomotive had a maximum speed of 90 kilometres an hour. It was intended to be the last steam locomotive produced for passenger transport in Czechoslovakia, though in the end only two were made at the Lenin plant (as the Škoda factory was then called) in Plzeň in 1956.
FOTO: T. Kučera NTM
The 534.0301
steam freight locomotive was produced at Škoda in Plzeň; it was Czechoslovakia’s first locomotive of the post-war period.

FOTO: T. Kučera NTM
Aza 1-0086
The Pullman Car of the heir presumptive to the Austrian throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand was produced by Ringhoffer in the Prague district of Smíchov in 1909. After World War I it was used by the prime minister and other members of the cabinet.
FOTO: T. Kučera NTM
Ringhoffer produced the
M 124.001 steam driving car, nicknamed Komarek, in 1903. After extensive repairs it returned to the rails in 2006.

FOTO: T. Kučera NTM
The Kladno steam locomotive is the oldest preserved locomotive in the Czech Republic. Made in Vienna for the Buštěhradská line in 1855, it was presented to the National Technical Museum in 1921. It was the first real locomotive in the museum’s collection.
FOTO: T. Kučera NTM
The DM 4-47.044
track motor car was made by Tatra in 1947. It was used by rail workers until the end of the 1970s.

FOTO: T. Kučera NTM